Humans of Total Fitouts – Matt Thompson

Matt Thompson – Total Fitouts Indooroopilly – Managing Director


When you’re the son of a builder, it’s pretty hard to not become one yourself.

When your raised on the job site, get in trouble at school for telling the teacher that the only measurement in the metric system that can be used is millimeters and can tie down a load before you can tie a shoe-lace; become a builder seems inevitable.

That was how it went for Total Fitouts Indooroopilly’s Managing Director, Matt Thompson.

Matt grew up admiring his father’s craftsmanship as a builder and his dream as a child was to become one himself. So becoming a builder is exactly what Matt did.

Through the realisation of his dream, in finishing his carpentry apprenticeship and completing his builders license, Matt has been employed to manage building projects all across Queensland, Western Australia and England. He spent years managing residential projects before gaining roles managing some of the biggest mining projects around the world.

After spending years of managing projects and travelling overseas (he has visited 75 different countries), Matt and his soon to be wife Sarah, settled with their two daughters back down in Brisbane where he was born, in order to route their family in their favourite city in the world.

Since moving back to Brisbane, Matt decided it was time to go out on his own and start a residential building company for himself. After developing his own managerial skills and learning the ins and outs of running a building company; he saw an email from Total Fitouts that enticed him to consider making a change.

Matt had always seen commercial building as an exciting possibility, and after being sent an email advertising for a builder to start-up a Total Fitouts franchise in the inner-west of Brisbane, he was immediately lured in.

After researching the brand more, and speaking with Queensland Managing Director Chris Nield, Matt could see how Total Fitouts systems and mentoring would be a fitting entry point for himself into the commercial fitout market.

Matt ultimately says it best as to why he signed on to be the Managing Director of Total Fitouts Indooroopilly. “Being a Managing Director of a (Total Fitouts) franchise allows you to run your own business with the added benefit of the support network of a large company. The work is fast paced and you’re always thinking on your feet and striving to be better; but it also affords you flexibility to allow you to not miss those special times with your family.”

That statement is true of the flexible balance of work and family life, that being a franchisee allows. Since Matt has completed his initial training he has already been awarded his first job, which he will complete in just enough time to head over with his family to the Maldives in a few months to get married to Sarah.

The Total Fitouts team could not be more excited to bring Matt’s wealth of building knowledge onto the team, but more importantly we are all checking the mail very closely to see when our invitations will arrive for the wedding of the year in the Maldives.

Welcome to the team Matt, Sarah and your family.

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