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Shop Fitout Adelaide


From the moment your customers walk in the door, the look and feel of your business should make them feel welcome. At Total Fitouts Adelaide, we want to work with you to create the perfect interior to reflect your brand. We know how important it is to create the right atmosphere in hospitality, which is why we provide a completely custom design and installation service — so you can create the look that you and your customers need.

The right look for you – 

Coming up with a new look and feel for your shop fitout can be tough to imagine. You want to be able to create the kind of ambience that will put your customers at ease and encourage them to enjoy their evening, but you also want to maintain an element of style that is unique to your company. That’s why we have tailored our services so that every design that we create is completely unique and focused to your needs.

  • We don’t rely on cookie-cutter fixtures and layouts, so everything we produce is completely individual to your business.
  • We encourage you to talk to us about your specific needs. Our work is completely bespoke, so tell us your dream for the space and we’ll try to make it a reality.
  • The look of an establishment should be reflective of the customers you want to visit it. If you’re looking to catch the eye of the millennial crowds, then we’ll help you put together a look that takes advantage of the latest trends to ensure your establishment looks as up-to-date as possible. Alternatively, if you’re focusing on the grey dollar, then we’ll help you to prioritise comfort, style, and effortless elegance. You can see how we match individual designs to individual sites by browsing through our recent projects.
  • We know you want your customers to feel instantly at home in your bar or restaurant, which is why we’ll tailor our designs and installation with your customers in mind. So much of a patron’s experience is about the interior itself, so we want to help you set the right mood.


The one stop solution for Shop Fit Outs Adelaide

Who do we work with?
Total Fitouts - 5 things to consider when designing your cafe fitout - design blog.

  • We welcome all hospitality-related businesses, including bars, restaurants, cafes, and anything else besides. We’ve worked with independent coffee shops, niche restaurants, and chain eateries such as Domino’s, so whatever area of the hospitality industry you operate in, we’ve got the expertise to help.
  • We’re happy to work with small independent eateries or larger franchise establishments —whatever you need, we’ve got the skills and experience to ensure we can cope with all projects, large or small.
  • We deal with entirely new constructions or upgrades and improvements to existing establishments, so if you need to design a look completely from scratch or improve your existing interior, we’re going to be able to help.
  • Whether it’s a family-friendly restaurant or a modern on-trend bar, we can utilise our vast wealth of experience and knowledge to help create the finished look that your establishment needs.

Not just hospitality! We also do Offices, Healthcare, Retail, and Professional Suites


Why choose Total Fitouts?

  • We’re proud of our reputation across the industry and throughout Adelaide and have worked hard to establish ourselves as a company that expects, and delivers, greatness. We are committed to ensuring that our work always involves innovative approaches, a positive attitude, is driven by solutions, and always exceeds the expectations of our customers.
  • We value our relationship with you, the customer— in fact, it’s one of the central tenets of the way we produce our work. We believe our relationship with customers should be based on respect, communication, integrity, and transparency.
  • Guzman Y Gomez Byron Bay with a fresh fit out by Gold Coast Shopfitter Total Fitouts BroadbeachAs a result, we won’t shepherd you towards a design or try to influence your choice. If it’s physically possible to do it, then we’ll do it, so you can always be confident of a fitout that is exactly as you imagined.
  • We’ll talk with you throughout the process, so you’re happy at every step of the design and installation process. We don’t expect you to just sign off a design and then be happy with whatever happens next; we’re inclusive, and we’ll ensure we have your full approval every step along the way.
  • We understand that restaurant fitouts have to be reflective of your company, and we’ll do all we can to ensure we meet your specifications. If you want to add something quirky or unusual, we’ll make it happen— you don’t have to default to a “standard style”, you can do whatever you want. We know that you know what’s right for your restaurant, so we’ll always place your judgement as the deciding factor.
  • We guarantee a hassle-free experience with your design and installation. If you’ve previously had fitouts that have run behind schedule or presented you with problems, then you can be assured that your experience with Total Fitouts will be a seamless, easy process. We take all of the work on for you, so you can just focus on doing what you do best, while we do what we do best.
  • Thanks to our commitment to producing greatness in everything we do, we’re proud to note we have the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
  • We work in a variety of different regions, so location will never be an issue. Wherever you are, we’ll make sure you can benefit from our incredible hospitality fitout services.

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