Commercial Business Development Manager Spotlight: Take 5 with Angela Kang

In this commercial business development manager spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing talented business development manager, Angela Kang. Take 5 and delve into her journey, her local strategies, advice for other business development managers, and much more!

With Angela’s experience in the realm of commercial design and fitouts, Angela has established a position for herself, solidifying confidence and showcasing Total Fitout’s commercial design and fitout expertise, ensuring that her clients consistently feel well-supported and attended to. Her expertise extends across a diverse array of projects, including commercial office fitoutscommercial hospitality shopfitscommercial retail fitoutscommercial medical fitoutscommercial fitness fitouts and commercial wellness and beauty fitouts

Contemporary feature tiles & custom concrete basins, ceramic pink wall sconces and arched walls & a curved reception counter for this wellness & beauty fit out for Diamond Nails, Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast South

Angela has many years of experience in her field, adeptly blending the realms of commercial interior design, sales, and marketing. She brings a fresh perspective that harmoniously bridges aesthetics and practicality, along with her expertise in the industry.

With her credentials as a Qualified Interior Designer, as well as experience in Business, Angela possesses knowledge that spans a diverse range of industries. With over eight years of customer service experience, her approach is characterised by collaboration, empathy and customer experience, ensuring each client’s journey is both enjoyable and rewarding.

Her love of design, colour theory and storytelling ensures that every project is detailed with personality and conveys the client’s brand and goals clearly. Angela’s drive to ensure her clients’ dream fit out is achieved makes her suitable in her current position in business development as well as design.

Since Angela started with Total Fitouts in July 2023, the Sunshine Coast southern area has blown up with their reputable fit out projects, putting Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast South on the map for commercial in-house design and fitouts.

TFO: What strategies do you employ to identify new business opportunities?

A: Researching the latest growing areas and hot spots to ensure that our strategies are current. Staying updated with industry publications and reports helps understand shifts in consumer preferences, technology, and regulations, enabling us to adapt strategies accordingly.

Networking plays a crucial role too; attending conferences trade shows, and local events fosters connections with potential clients, partners, and industry insiders. These interactions not only facilitate knowledge exchange but also often lead to collaborative ventures, referrals, or partnerships that uncover new opportunities.

TFO: Can you walk us through a successful business development campaign or deal you’ve lead?

A: A successful business development deal I’ve led started from reaching out to local business brokers in our area and then seeing whether there was a possibility we could work closely together as we both had the common interest and goal in helping local business owners succeed. The brokers have since introduced clients who are looking to purchase a business and enhance the business trajectory by a renovation or fitout.

Another successful deal which I’ve secured was from meeting an agent I met at a local networking event, then after some connecting and learning more about each other’s ideal client, they referred one of their friends who they knew who was looking at a fit out. This has eventuated to a design & fitout job. 

Bespoke curved walls, pendant wall lights and neutral coastal beachy colour palette for this medical fit out for Sycamore Health

TFO: How do you approach building and maintaining relationships with clients or partners?

A: My approach is active listening and genuine engagement. I prioritise understanding the needs, goals, and concerns of clients or partners. This involves not just hearing explicit statements but also grasping subtle cues and underlying motivations. Additionally, transparent communication is key. Regular check-ins, updates, and feedback sessions ensure alignment and proactive issue resolution.

I also believe in exceeding expectations by providing added value beyond immediate engagements. This could involve personalised recommendations, facilitating connections to relevant resources, or offering support whenever needed. I always want to be their first of point of contact.

A: One effective strategy I employ is to subscribe to local newsletters and mailing lists tailored to our specific industry niche. These sources often provide timely updates on emerging trends, upcoming events, and market insights that can inform our strategic decisions.

Additionally, I prioritise engaging with experts and thought leaders within our industry. Whether through networking events, industry conferences, or one-on-one conversations, these interactions offer valuable opportunities to glean insights from those at the forefront of commercial innovation and expertise.

TFO: What local strategies are you currently doing?

A: By attending community events, consistently showing up to local chamber events and building relationships with well-known local presences such as Tim Adams Speciality Coffee!

Apple Green Natural Stone, handmade ceramic wall sconces and handmade Japanese tiles & copper light fittings for this hospitality fit out for Tim Adams Roastery, Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast South

TFO: How do you collaborate with other departments such as sales, marketing and the on-site team members?

A: I collaborate with corporate marketing to develop copy and marketing material. I collaborate with IT support to troubleshoot software issues and in turn, help come up with ideas on how to streamline and enhance our database. Collaborating with our in-house commercial designers provides me with valuable leverage when discussing the range of services we provide to clients.

TFO: What advice would you give someone looking to do business development management?

A: It takes a lot of patience, relationship nurturing, and repeatedly showing up to build relationships. 

TFO: What do you see as the biggest opportunities or challenges in the commercial construction industry right now, and how do you plan to overcome them?

A: In the commercial construction industry right now, business owners want to know whether their fit out is going to make returns in the long run. 

Custom joinery with brass features, hardwood floors and welcoming reception area for this wellness & beauty fit out for Illuminate Aesthetics


TFO: What’s your preferred method for following up with leads?

A: Phone calls and catch-ups over coffee.

TFO: How do you prioritise your tasks and opportunities?

A: My Google Calendar! 

TFO: How do you keep track of your pipeline and ensure nothing falls through the cracks?

A: Making notes of every follow-up I action.

Black and white optometry equipment, a coastal-inspired aesthetic and sleek black wall lights for this medical fit out for Insight Eye Surgery, Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast South

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