Commercial Business Development Manager Spotlight: Take 5 with Nick March

In this commercial business development manager spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing talented business development manager, Nick March. Take 5 and delve into his journey, his local strategies, advice for other business development managers, and much more!

With Nick’s extensive experience in commercial fitouts, he has established a strong reputation, building confidence and showcasing Total Fitouts’ expertise, ensuring that his clients always feel well-supported and valued. His expertise extends across a diverse array of projects, including commercial office fitoutscommercial hospitality shopfitscommercial retail fitoutscommercial medical fitoutscommercial fitness fitouts and commercial wellness and beauty fitouts

Nick is a seasoned professional with a rich and diverse background in both real estate and the commercial construction industry. With eight years of valuable experience in real estate sales at McGrath Estate Agents and an additional 12 months serving as a mortgage broker for RAMs Home Loans, Nick has cultivated a unique skill set that spans the property and finance sectors.

Nick holds a Cert IV in Property Services (Real Estate) and a Cert IV in Finance (Mortgage Broking), showcasing his commitment to staying at the forefront of his field. His expertise extends beyond the world of real estate and mortgages, with prior experience in the commercial construction industry adding depth to his professional journey.

Nick has become a true local in the Newcastle New South Wales area, deeply connecting to the community he serves. What sets Nick apart is his genuine passion for people. As a self-proclaimed “people person,” he thrives on the interpersonal aspects of his work, relishing the opportunity to connect with individuals from all walks of life.

Since Nick started with Total Fitouts in the beginning of 2024, the Newcastle area has blown up with their reputable commercial fit out projects, putting Total Fitouts Newcastle on the map for commercial fitouts.

Navy and neutral colour palette, concrete floors and rattan features for this office fit out for McGrath Nowra

TFO: What strategies do you employ to identify new business opportunities?

N: To identify new business opportunities, I engage with commercial agents, commercial designers, architects, and financiers to build referral partnerships. Additionally, I have joined a local BNI Chapter and set up alerts on to stay informed about new properties coming to the market for lease or sale.

I also place Total Fitouts vinyl stickers on all properties for lease and sale in our area and check the DA tracker for new Development Applications (DAs) and Complying Development Certificates (CDCs).

TFO: Can you walk us through a successful business development campaign or deal you’ve lead?

N: I have successfully generated leads through my network of commercial agent contacts and my BNI group. Additionally, I received a direct contact from a lead who saw one of the vinyl stickers I placed on a property!

TFO: How do you approach building and maintaining relationships with clients or partners?

N: I maintain relationships with clients and partners by staying front of mind, regularly keeping in touch via phone calls or emails, and ensuring multiple touch points. I make a conscious effort to follow up on projects, check in on client satisfaction, and provide updates on new developments or services. By sending personalised messages and relevant industry news, I keep the communication engaging and valuable.

I also schedule regular meetings, both virtual and in-person, to discuss ongoing projects and future opportunities. This proactive approach helps to build trust and demonstrates my commitment to their success, ensuring that clients and partners feel valued and well-supported throughout the whole process.

N: I stay updated on industry trends and market dynamics by following most of our competitors on social media.

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Custom LED signage, circular feature pendant lights and black and orange colour palette for this retail fit out for Just Poppin'

TFO: What local strategies are you currently doing?

N: Locally, I employ a range of strategies to enhance visibility and build connections. By placing Total Fitouts vinyl stickers on properties for lease and sale, I ensure our brand is prominently displayed, attracting potential clients. My active participation in the local BNI Chapter allows me to network with other business professionals, facilitating the exchange of referrals and opportunities.

Additionally, I regularly meet with more agents and commercial designers, which helps to expand our network and uncover new business prospects. These combined efforts contribute to a robust local presence and continuous growth in our client base.

TFO: What advice would you give someone looking to do business development management?

N: My advice to someone looking to do business development management is to be patient, as building relationships and trust takes time and does not happen overnight. 

TFO: What do you see as the biggest opportunities or challenges in the commercial construction industry right now, and how do you plan to overcome them?

N: The biggest challenge in the commercial construction industry is the high level of competition. To overcome this, it is crucial to have a compelling sales pitch that demonstrates our ability to deliver projects correctly the first time and help clients stand out in a competitive market.

Warm tones, custom timber VJ panel booth and welcoming reception area for this wellness & beauty fit out for Vita Nuova


TFO: What’s your preferred method for following up with leads?

N: Phone calls.

TFO: How do you prioritise your tasks and opportunities?

N: How soon the decision is likely to be made is always top of the list! 

TFO: How do you keep track of your pipeline and ensure nothing falls through the cracks?

N: Check the CRM system constantly.

What’s one key lesson you’ve learned in business development that you apply consistently?

N: Persistence pays off.

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