Humans of Total Fitouts – Edward Elwan

We’d like to introduce you to our Sydney West franchisee, Edward Elwan – He’s a gracious and strongly family orientated character who enjoys an idyllic home life with his gorgeous wife and three beautiful rugrats!

Qualified as a Mechanical Engineer at the University of Western Sydney, Edward has been working a number of years as an estimator/ engineer in a range of different construction spheres, from residential to industrial and fitouts.

Edward’s strong suit truly lies in his customer service; his ability to engage with people with complete authenticity makes him an absolute value to the Total Fitouts team and any future clients. When it comes to business, Edward says that loyalty is his resolute principle and he means it.

“One insight I can give you about Edward is that he’s a people person, you can tell there’s a genuine care when he deals with people.” – Jeremy Dyer, CEO

There’s a little more to Edward’s story though, and it starts with his birth name, Aladdin Elwan.

A Palestinian but born in Kuwait, Edward’s past is riddled with experiences of war. It’s hard for most of us living in Australia to truly comprehend some of the devastation that occurred during the Gulf War, but for Aladdin, it is a big part of his story and is the reason he’s living in Australia with his very own business, today.

After spending time on the Gaza Strip when the war broke, and after enduring a war that saw many communities forcibly displaced and thousands declared stateless – Aladdin himself became part of the Palestinian exodus from Kuwait. He and his family spent literally a week being bounced around the world on a plane by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in order to find them a safer place to resettle.

After making stops in Sweden, Egypt, Switzerland and Italy, the UNHCR finally told them they were headed for Australia, news that could not be more welcomed by Aladdin and his family – this is home for them, through and through.

When asking how it has been for Edward settling here, he affirmed, “I feel myself as being born since I moved to this country.” Edward has officially been an Australian since 30th January 1996, though if his Aussie colloquialisms are anything to go by, we’d say he’s always been an Australian. Oh yeh, and we asked about the magic genie lamp, Aladdin says, “No lamp… there’s a magic carpet though.”

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