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Chris Nield – Total Fitouts Queensland – Managing Director
Total Fitouts is a brand that creates solutions for companies fitout questions across Australia and New Zealand. For us to be a brand that solves these questions, we need key people on board who possess the knowledge that demonstrates an industry understanding well above standard, in order to deliver those answers. At this junction, I am pleased to introduce you to Chris Nield, Total Fitouts problem solver.
In 2014, Chris Nield became the Managing Director of Total Fitouts Queensland, the pilot state in Total Fitouts global expansion.
After years of construction experience with companies including Stockland’s, Chris took on the challenge of leading and guiding Queensland’s franchisees to their own construction success.
The belief it takes to be the person that people look too for advice is developed through an understanding of two facets, experience and belief.
Chris had garnered a world of experience across construction portfolio’s equating to millions of dollars, allowing him to have already been amongst the types of projects that our franchisees have and will continue to undertake; but he also had belief in the Total Fitouts brand, that it could be one that could change the fitout industry, by becoming a brand that is built on professionalism and consistency. Since being on board, Chris’s experience and belief in the brand have not led him astray.
In the past two years, Chris has bought on and led nine franchises to business success, and with that number growing by the day, he has to be proud of his efforts.
But it is not his work with Total Fitouts that inspires him, it’s the ability to do a great job in the most efficient way possible, so that each day he can get home and be a prevalent part of his wife Bree, his two daughters and their sausage dog Sizzles lives. That is what drives him to do the best he can, and get the most out of each day.
Chris’s job is to coach his Queensland team to success, but when it comes to his family, all he wants to do is be as involved as he possibly can; to learn, grow and develop with them in an area that is less familiar to him, being a leader of a family.
The importance of being a person with all the answers, is that everyday you must still be willing to ponder all of the questions that could potentially be asked, before they come up.
Whether it be in business or with your family, developing the ability to preempt questions, to develop answer, is vital. Queensland team leader Chris, is an honest example of that truth, which is a true testament to the man he is.
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