Humans of Total Fitouts – Dave Heraud

Humans of Total Fitouts - Dave Heraud
Dave Heraud – Moreton Shire – Managing Director
There are some people within the construction industry that don’t quite fit the status quo. Then there are others who flat out decide to blow the status quo right out of the water. The Managing Director of Total Fitouts Moreton Shire’s, Dave Heraud is most definitely one of these men.
After spending years in sales and marketing roles within both the insurance and finance industries, Dave wanted to go into business for himself and purchased multiple Quick Service Restaurant franchises around Queensland.
Owning franchises, gave Dave an invaluable insight into the business model that is franchising and an appreciation for the success rate that the model has.
After years of working alongside his now business partner Matt Ely across multiple ventures, they were both approached by a friend of theirs who worked with G.J. Gardener Homes. He spoke to them about a new brand of fitout franchise being Total Fitouts, that was just forming and was endeavouring to change the commercial fitout industry across Australia. This got their attention.
A construction company needs two primary skill-sets to succeed, a strong sales mentality partnered with the ability to deliver a build to the highest standard. Between the years
Dave had spent honing his sales pedigree and Matt’s time delivering high-end housing in the residential building game; they believed they had the right blend of skill-sets that could drive a Total Fitouts franchise. The belief they had in themselves has proven to be true.
In July 2014, Matt and Dave signed on as Total Fitouts Moreton Shire, the brands second franchise. A year on from that, the brand had grown to eight franchises across Australia and their Moreton Shire franchise was recognised for their amazing successes, through winning the brands inaugural “Franchise of The Year, 2015”.
From then until now the partnership has grown grown from strength to strength, with Dave’s continuing commitment to growing his industry knowledge in the fitout game, being paramount to their success. The perfect example of this is that through Dave’s five month negotiation, Total Fitouts Moreton Shire have just been awarded and commenced construction of the fitout for a GP Super Clinic in their region.
When sales have been part of your life for so long, and people are your passion, so long as you love the product you are presenting to your clients, you are always in line for success. For Dave sales aren’t about the numbers, it is about understanding his clients needs and developing solutions alongside them, and that is why his franchise has gone from strength to strength since it’s induction.
Dave’s love for helping people develop solutions in their life does not just stop at work though. He spends lots of time working with people on a volunteer basis, training them to be astute with their finances to secure their financial future. He does this because he knows the importance of financial security and how that liberates him to be able to both look after and spend as much time as he possibly can with his wife Laura and two children Jack and Sophie; and he wants to be a person that helps people to achieve that for themselves and their families.
In any form of transaction in his life, whether it be business or personal, Dave lives by the moto of trying to reach “win-win” solutions and outcomes for himself and anyone else involved with him. It is not confidence that is key to a good salesman, it is understanding what both parties desire and delivering this with mutual fairness.
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