Humans of Total Fitouts – Michael Cason

Michael Cason – Total Fitouts Victoria – Managing Director
From the Automotive Engineering Industry to the Construction Industry, the career path of Total Fitouts Victoria’s Managing Director on the surface looks like a bizarre series of move, but at a closer glance it starts to makes a whole world of sense.
After graduating from Swinburne University with a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, Michael went from success to success working and consulting for industry giants including Ford, General Motors and the ZF Group. Due to his obsession with detail, process and systems, partnered with an eye for design, Michael ended up getting poached to Shanghai to work in the Project Management field over there.
After a good stint in China, he moved back to his native Australia with his young family and decided to establish his own project management and logistics company Global Supply Chain Solutions. He started the company to utilise a lot of the knowledge he had gained in the automotive and project management industries, to help companies all over the world develop solutions and grow their supply chain networks.
As much as Michael enjoyed the industry he was in, there was one main issue, his jobs constantly took him away from his wife and two daughters. So after sitting down with his two mates Danny Breen and Kris Gill (both of who have been involved in G.J. Gardner Homes for years and wanted to expand in the construction game) and talking over
Michael’s passion for details, team building, and his need to be closer to his young family, they decided to go into partnership as joint Managing Directors for Total Fitouts Victoria, and bought the first Victorian franchise Total Fitouts Central Victoria.
Michael’s past experiences of being working in industries that make you focus on the minute details of every facet of your job, have prepared him in the greatest way for his role with Total Fitouts. He has a passion for architecture and engineering which allows him to understand the construction side of the industry, but he has also spent years leading teams, which is the perfect background for his role of coaching both his own franchise, and the broader Total Fitouts Victorian team to come.
With the help of Danny and Kris, who have spent years running their own construction franchises, they have built Total Fitouts Central Victoria into their regions number one fitout company. Through working out the kinks in their own franchise, they are now starting to bring on more franchises in Victoria, which they can adequately lead based on their own experiences.
But life for Michael isn’t just about his work. He loves nothing more than supporting his wife Kathryn who is a budding writer, and his two daughters Chloe and Charlotte in their passions. Outside of his family, any chance that Michael gets to raise his heart rate and get involved in sky diving, bungee jumping or white water rafting he takes it. One of his proudest personal achievements has been recently completing an 800km fundraising bike ride around Tasmania, to gain awareness and funds for organisation “Very Special Kids”.
Michael’s work with his team in Victoria has to be commended, and we are proud of the team of experts he is gathering around him to lead Total Fitouts Victoria towards becoming the number one fitout brand in the state.

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