Humans of Total Fitouts – Rob Bailey

Rob Bailey – Total Fitouts Ipswich-Toowoomba – Managing Director
“Do what you say you are going to do”
This simple catchphrase, seems like it is easy enough to achieve. You promise a job to be done, and then you execute.
But how come then can so many of us can think to occasions where this hasn’t been achieved? Where someone has over-promised and under-delivered.
In no way do I mean to assume this on the majority of people, but when you find someone that goes over and above to deliver on their word, you tend to take a good deal of notice.
Rob Bailey, the Managing Director for Total Fitouts Ipswich – Toowoomba has been living by this catchphrase in every facet of his life for over 30 years, and his integrity has held true on every promise he has made.
Over 30 years ago, Rob Bailey was taught this motto, and it was driven into him that he was to do everything he could to achieve it, as there is nothing more valuable to the world then a person of their word.
After Rob completed high-school he spent those two years in a special forces unit as a parachuter, doing 38 jumps in all sorts of conditions. In those situations, when you don’t do what you say your going to do, it can easily lead to death. As morbid as that sounds, being depended on for your reliability is as honourable a trait as any.
Since his days in the army Rob completed a degree in Quantity Surveying and has spent 30 years using the character qualities he had learnt, elevating himself in the construction industry across South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. At one stage Rob owned share in and was general manager of a construction company that employed over 100 staff members in New Zealand; and he attributes the success of that company towards attention to detail, the value he placed in every individual in the team and being a leader of integrity and of their word.
As much as he should be proud of his success in the industry, a lot of the credit should be forwarded onto his family. They have supported and inspired Rob in every endeavour he has embarked on, and kept him accountable to his promises in all aspects of life.
Robs wife Sue has completed three degrees (including one in Psychology), of which his eldest daughter Caylin is following in her mother’s footsteps by studying Psychology over in Otago University in Dunedin, New Zealand.
His other daughter Chloe, is following more in her father’s footsteps, as Rob once held top 20 ranking in Africa for long distance Triathlons, Chloe is pushing for a spot on the Queensland state indoor Netball team, all whilst studying at University of Queensland.
When you combine Rob’s desire to create be a part of constructing and delivering beautiful builds for clients, his years of experience owning/running companies around the world and his disciplined nature towards being a man of his word; Total Fitouts could not be more encouraged that a man of his calibre has placed his loyalty in the brand and come on board and run both Ipswich and Toowoomba.
We look forward with great confidence to see the outworking’s of Rob delivering on his promises to clients, and the amazing fitouts that he will deliver in the future that are the fruit of his promises.
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