Humans of Total Fitouts – Matt Isaac

Matt Isaac – Total Fitouts New Zealand – Master Franchise New Zealand
Tell me something interesting about yourself Matt?
“I can fly a plane”.
The direct nature of that response makes it sound so easy doesn’t it? Like tying a shoe lace, spelling your surname or finishing a glass of water. Does the sentiment behind that statement suggest that flying a plane is that simple, or does it elude to something more?
To me it seems to proposed a sort of confident belief in himself that he could do just about anything, as if the realm in which his self-assurance exists leads him to believe that piloting a plane is in no way an extraordinary feat at all. That confidence is exactly why Matt Isaac is the perfect person to pilot Total Fitouts expansion into its first international territory of our brother country New Zealand.
After spending 10 years climbing the ranks in the Voice and Data sector, and moving over to spend another 10 years in the Electrical, Security and IT sector; Matt decided it was time for a change. Time to go out on his own, take the experiences he has gained working for and with some of the largest franchise businesses across the broader construction industry, mix it with a little bit of his own gallant personality, and into the pathway of Total Fitouts.
In late 2015, Matt purchased the Master Franchisee rights to New Zealand; where he is now full speed ahead expanding the brand all over the “All Blacks” nation.
Matt seems to love a challenge, and after rubbing shoulders with some franchising heavyweights, he sees the value in the business model. That value as he describes is in developing a strong and stable support network. Being able to internally share ideas, marketing material, industry knowledge, sales results, financial advice and systems information; in a conglomerate of people all working towards the one common goal of building the Total Fitouts brand through increasing their own business success.
Everyone at Total Fitouts is thrilled with having Matt on-board piloting the New Zealand expansion.
We would love to extend the warmest of welcomes to Matt, his beautiful wife and three children into the Total Fitouts family.
Onwards and Upwards Matt.