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Like most people, we’re passionate about great food and drink – and love sharing it with friends and family. That’s why we work hard to build restaurants and cafes that allow customers to fully enjoy the experience.

At Total Fitouts, we understand that no two hospitality fitouts are alike: there are myriad dining and entertaining options across locations and cultures, and each has its own special character and clients. From a simple family restaurant to a modern café, a franchised fast-food outlet to a trendy bar, we’ll help you design a practical fit out that meets your business and staffing requirements, but also boasts its own look and feel.

Hospitality fitouts require carefully planning to ensure the correct placement of services and appliances. We take the hassle out of the fitout process so you can focus on what you do best – providing great food, drink and service to lots of happy customers.



Hospitality is an industry where the visual design of the space plays a key role in enforcing your brand and retaining your customers. The right aesthetic and use of space can perfectly complement a customer’s dining experience, just as the wrong use of that space can sabotage it entirely. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends in modern hospitality fitout design, why they work, and who they work for.



Particularly for cafes and boutique restaurants, there’s a growing trend of open, transparent design. From open eating spaces free of too many partitions to open-plan kitchens, this can give a sense of community that creates a much closer connection between customers and the brand.


The industrial, faded look of the warehouse trend is slowly starting to lose the limelight. Alongside a trend of more vegan and organic food options, customers are starting to gravitate to spaces that are brighter and lighter. Stripped back lighting with clean, minimalist surfaces creates an air of optimism replacing the slightly grungy industrial look of yesteryear. A big part of this growing focus is highlighting the original architecture of the space as opposed to making drastic changes to it.



Also related to that growing organic kick is the incorporation of more green spaces in restaurants and bars. From simple potted plants by the reception area to entire living walls, ornamental plants are one of the biggest trends of current hospitality design. Besides the visual appeal, there are real health and stress-busting benefits that make them a welcome sight to most customers.



Every generation has a wave of nostalgia that tends to wash over the media we consume as well as the spaces we spend time in. 60s and 70s style are coming back in, with chrome becoming the latest hot design material. Supplementing the chrome explosion is the rise of more neon, plexiglass, and linoleum. Candy-bright colours are expected to make a huge comeback in hospitality branding and menus, too. This could be perfect for the growing number of old-school milkshake parlour style cafes.




Technology always drives design and the latest instance of that truism is in the rise of bespoke lighting. Modern lighting controls are allowing restaurants to customise their lighting temperature, colour, and positioning from moment to moment through remote controls and apps.





In terms of furniture, shabby chic is another aesthetic currently in style, particularly in artisanal cafes and smaller, communal restaurants. Distressed wooden furniture, simple pastel upholstery, and carefully incorporated imperfections are striking true with the customer’s modern desire for a simpler, rustic experience in modern urban environments.



The Danish concept of Hygge is very much related to this turn to shabby chic. It’s all about the feeling of cosy contentment, and more restaurants are incorporating it by using warm and rustic elements, candles, and a focus on tactile comfort to create environments that customers will be happy to spend hours in.



Customers are all growing much more concerned about the environment and the impact that their choices as consumers have on it. For that reason, it’s no surprise that sustainable design is becoming a focus of many bars, cafes, and restaurants. Upcycled furniture isn’t just comforting, it’s also decidedly unique and gives more arty, trendy spaces something that stands out.

A Total Fitouts hospitality shop fit for Acai Brothers, Chermside. Sunshine Coast hospitality shop fitters & shop designers, Brisbane.



As mentioned, open design with a focus on community and honesty is very much in when it comes to cafes and smaller eateries. In bars, a similar focus has been made to shift away from rigid class and uniformity. Instead, more bars and clubs are starting to incorporate uneven seat heights and asymmetrical table design. This is designed to create the air of a more informal, relaxed gathering.



To keep with that relaxed attitude, more and more bars are encouraging less of a social din and more intimate conversations within their incorporation of sound-proofing materials. Green walls serve as a natural example of this, but more places are starting to incorporate acoustic tiles and privacy-enhancing materials in their more closed off spaces.

Keeping an eye on the trends is always a good idea if you don’t want your business to have an outdated look. However, trends alone don’t make the design. Knowledge of the business, the brand, the aims of the owner, and how to utilize unique spaces is the key to providing bespoke hospitality fitouts. That’s why a partner like Total Fitouts can offer much, much more than style guide alone.



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