- Office Fitout by Total Fitouts - Professional Shoplifters Sunshine Coast & Moreton Shire.An office fitout needs to make a great first impression, with a focus on functionality and ease of access for your staff.

A fresh, vibrant reception area will help you attract and retain customers, while polished offices and meeting rooms let your clients know they’re working with a sharp, professional team. In the back office a focus on natural light, fresh air and personal spaces create a happy and efficient workplace.

At Total Fitouts, we’ll help you create a functional, ergonomic office space that’s tailored to suit your business. We also work hard to incorporate your team’s values and culture, in order to maintain and improve staff morale – research suggests employees who have some input into the design of their workspaces are up to 32 per cent more productive.




Is your existing office space not what you hoped it would be? Are you starting to feel like the space does not offer you what you want and need it to? Don’t worry if you aren’t happy with the look and feel of your current office space, as there are plenty of ways that you can change the design of the space. One of the best places to start is with an office fitout, where you have all of the old interiors upgraded and redesigned, creating a space that has an entirely different look and feel to it.

The planning process for an office fitout can be complex, which is why knowing what steps need to be taken is so crucial. To help ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible for you, below we have shared some useful tips for planning your office fitout.


If your office fitout is going to run smoothly, it’s crucial that planning is taken seriously from the start. At Total Fitouts, we ensure that when it comes to the planning process for each of the projects we manage, we work closely with our clients to ensure that every aspect of things meets their needs perfectly.

We understand that it helps for our customers to have an idea of what will be done and when, which is why we always endeavor to operate with full transparency. We discuss deadlines carefully with our clients, allowing them to work out any aspects such as electricity and internet, that may need turning off or refitting once the fitout is complete.

For the office manager, there’s a lot to think about in relation to an office fitout, and we understand that. There’s the moving of staff from one office to another while the work is completed, there’s the moving of furniture that needs to be considered. And also, the movement of office equipment, such as computers and printers. This is why planning is so vital to any office fitout.



At Total Fitouts, we are proud to be able to offer our customers a high-quality design and fitout experience that is built on many years of experience. We always tell our clients how important experience is when it comes to these kinds of projects.

At Total Fitouts, our many years of experience allows us to guide our clients through each aspect of their fitout seamlessly, making suggestions and providing advice where required. It’s this experience that helps to ensure that any major problems are avoided.



A key step, when it comes to managing an office outfit is budgeting effectively. You cannot successfully plan and organize and office fit out if you are not mindful of your budget. That’s why at Total Fitouts, we always encourage our clients to think carefully about their budgets and take them seriously from the get-go.

We always advise that in order to get the best quality work completed, our customers should know their budget from the start. Once we are aware of a budget, we can easily work within it, and determine how best to stick to the set amount. When a budget is not known, it can mean that the work is not able to be completed to such a high standard as we would usually offer. When a budget is set, however, we always aim not to go over it and find a way to offer a high quality of work for the price that has been set.



At Total Fitouts, we believe that it’s vital that our customers are kept informed at all times, which is why we always encourage them to attend regular meetings about the work that is being completed. It’s important that you understand what is going on, when it’s happening and why it’s required, which is why good communication is so essential.

Regular phone calls, virtual meetings, in-house meetings, and email updates are essential when it comes to having an office fitout. You need to know what is going on, whether goals and deadlines are being hit and how well the budget is lasting, which is why regular communication is vital in these kinds of situations.

Planning an office fitout can be extremely stressful if you aren’t organized and don’t make an effort to plan in advance. There’s plenty of think about and lots to get organized, to ensure that your office fitout runs seamlessly from start to finish and is completed within budget.



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Our Projects

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Cafe Urban

Size: 79m2
Location: Warner, QLD

A fit out that reflects the contemporary surrounds.

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Good Bean Espresso Bar – Kawana

Size: 20m2
Location: Kawana Waters, QLD

Good Bean Deli showcases the brand's unique artisan appeal.

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The Office – Sea Pearl

Size: 80m2
Location: Mooloolaba, QLD

A clean, minimalist fit out that sets a new standard for corporate...

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The Space @ La Balsa

Size: 150m2
Location: Mooloolaba, QLD

A contemporary collaborative workspace.

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#Hashtag Public Bar

Size: 900m2
Location: Bendigo, VIC

Bendigo's latest concept in hospitality is an expansive, multilevel...

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Midstate CreditCollect

Size: 200m2
Location: Bendigo, VIC

A relaxed yet functional professional office suite that makes great...

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Foxes Den

Size: 105m2
Location: Port Melbourne, VIC

With a unique blend of wood, stone and cement panelling, Foxes...

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Australia 108 Display Suite

Size: 750m2
Location: Melbourne, VIC

This stunning display suite showcases the luxury construction and...

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Nail and Beauty 2

Size: 80m2
Location: Bendigo, VIC

A bright floral palette and on-trend industrial touches create a...

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ARIA Display Centre

Size: 68m2
Location: Mooloolaba, QLD

A stunning showcase for one of Australia's leading property...

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Kurry and Kebabs

Size: 42m2
Location: Kangaroo Flat, VIC

Contemporary finishes and clever use of timber help to set a new...

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Size: 101m2
Location: Kangaroo Flat, VIC

This brand new Sanity Store, in Bendigo's redeveloped thriving hub...

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SOKO Display Apartment West End

Size: 300m2
Location: West End, QLD

This dazzling display exhibit in West End, Brisbane, elaborately...

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Lemon Ginger

Size: 50m2
Location: Maroochydore, QLD

A balanced fusion was created between the country barn-like...

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Warner Fresh Bake

Size: 80m2
Location: Warner, QLD

A fresh fitout, for a legendary local bakery.

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Everton Park Physiotherapy

Size: 170m2
Location: Everton Park, QLD

A contemporary and clean cut fitout design, that enables a...

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The Hairologists

Size: 83 m2
Location: Albany Creek

After growing their existing salon site, The Hairologists engaged...

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Arundel Fresh Fruit and Cafe

Size: 30 m2
Location: Arundel

When local favourite Arundel Fresh Fruit decided to diversify their...

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Wild Burgers

Size: 200 m2
Location: Currumbin, QLD

One of the Gold Coast's most popular tourist destinations, the...

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Gold Class Nails

Size: 80m2
Location: Clayfield, QLD

Creating a beautiful nail salon for Gold Class Nails was an...

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Size: 95m2
Location: Brisbane City, Queesland

Brisbane city locals are being treated to some of the best takeaway...

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Roti Chenai

Size: 40m2
Location: Brisbane, QLD

Roti Chenai is an Indian and Malaysian curry restaurant, that has...

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Body Solution Physiotherapy

Size: 80m2
Location: Rochedale

Total Fitouts South Brisbane brilliantly deigned and constructed...

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Momo Chicken City

Size: 180 m2
Location: Brisbane, QLD

Brisbane's favourite Korean Fried Chicken restaurant have just...

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Location: Papamoa Plaza, Papamoa.

We were really pleased to be chosen to complete the Acquisitions...

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Pelican Waters Land Sales Centre

Size: 75m2
Location: Pelican Waters, QLD

After releasing new land in their development site, Pelican Waters...

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Brick Lane

Size: 150m2
Location: Mooloolaba, QLD

When Brick Lane took over from an old fish and chip shop on the...

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Candy Addictions

Size: 90m2
Location: Noosa, QLD

Total Fitouts were literally like 'a kid in a candy store', when...

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The Pedal Pusher

Size: 202 Metres Sq.
Location: Rolleston, Christchurch

If there’s one thing Total Fitouts don’t shy away from, it’s...

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Auscare Pharmacy

Location: Glass House Mountains, QLD

Our Total Fitouts team did an exceptional job at creating a...

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Pharmacy 4 Less

Size: 250 mSq
Location: Toowoomba, Grand Central

Our construction team were dealt quite a hand with this fit out for...

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Terry White Chemmart

Size: 300
Location: Toowoomba, Grand Central

A smart fit out completed by our talented team, for Terry White...

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