5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Workplace Through Décor


Yellow is the colour of optimism, productivity, cheerfulness and creativity. The colour yellow has been proven to encourage communication, activate memory, and stimulate the nervous system and mental processing.

Adding splashes of yellow to a workspace will increase the mood of the workers and help improve workplace productivity and morale. Flowers, coloured chairs, wall art and feature lights can be easy ways to add yellow to a space without making any difficult and potentially expensive structural changes.


Adding plants to a workspace can have a multitude of benefits. Studies have found that:

  • 15% more ideas are generated by people who work in an office with plants
  • Plants in the workplace reduced absenteeism from 15% to %5
  • Speed in completing a computer task is completed 12% faster in a workplace with plants
  • People who work in offices with plants have lower stress levels.
  • Customers rate quality of goods 30% higher and are willing to pay 12% more when surrounded by trees.

In addition to this astounding list, plants also clean the air and assist in stabilising the humidity levels.

If you’re keen to add some greenery to your workspace but not much of a green thumb, try one of the following:

  • Rubber Tree Plants
  • Aglaonemas
  • Peace Lilies
  • Snake Plants
  • Dracaenas 


A lack of natural lighting can negatively impact on the mental and emotional health of the employees. Maximising the use of natural light as opposed to artificial lighting in a workplace can boost morale and productivity. Beyond this, where possible – aim to add some warmer bulbs rather harsh white fluorescents throughout.

-Chill Area

An enjoyable space for employees to take their breaks, relax in and chat with other staff will encourage communication, and creative thinking. It is just as important for brains to rest as it is for them to work. If workers have a comfortable space to relax in then they are more likely to be re-energised and more productive when they get back to work.


Although open-plan offices can be great for collaborative projects, they can also provide workers with a lot of distractions and can make them feel that they are under continual observation. By enclosing individual workplaces (even slightly) then productivity can be increased, as the employees will feel like they have the space to be able to quietly work away at their task with increased focus.

If what you really need is more of a full office overhaul or revamp, talk to our friendly, professional shop fitters at Total Fitouts.