Converting your Garage into a Professional Home Gym in 2021

Can I Change My Garage into a Professional Fitness Studio?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a personal trainer looking to work from home, or you’re simply wanting a private gym at your doorstep, there are many benefits to swapping your garage for a gym tailored to you. Director Chris at Total Fitouts Penrith gives the scoop on everything home-gyms in 2021.

The rise of the home gym fitout

While home-gyms have been on the rise in popularity for a while, last year saw a spike. When gyms closed across the country, Australia saw panic buyers clearing out Kmart’s gym equipment to online gym gear sales spiking, and dumbbells put on the list of the 2020 must-haves. The building of home gyms was no different. “In March 2020 you couldn’t get professional gym gear anywhere in the country,” Chris says. “It was sold out everywhere. Now it’s gotten better again.”

A tailored, professional fitness studio, at home

So what makes for a professional home fitness studio? It begins with establishing an excellent layout and using all the same high-quality materials and equipment you’d expect from a professional gym, rather than off-the-floor models. These include flooring, wall coverings, petitioning, lighting, storage, mirrors, audio visual systems, AC systems, workout equipment, and much more. “It looks and feels like a section has been cut and pasted from a professional gym,” Chris says.

When should I consider investing in a home gym?

Here are some of the reasons clients come to us to build home gyms:

  • You’ve been training for a while and you know how to work out your whole body with a smaller array of equipment.
  • You prefer skipping the commute and waiting for equipment.
  • You’re an established PT who’s looking to work from home. A single garage is excellent for solo or 1-on-1 classes, while a converted double garage works well for small group exercises.
  • You’ve got a busy schedule. Chris says most of his clients report that they work out more often, but spend less time doing it since they got a home gym.

5 things to think of before converting your garage into a home gym

Before you jump on the chance to get your own gym, there’s a few things to consider first. After all, the clearer your intentions, the better the result.

  • What do you require from your home gym, and what features do you love about professional gyms?
  • Are you willing to give up the car- and storage-space afforded by the garage?
  • Is it for personal or professional use, or both?
  • Do you have a single or double space garage available?
  • What’s your budget? A home gym can be a costly up-front investment, but can save money down the line. “You’re potentially saving $1,000 a year per person on a membership as well,” Chris says.

Let Us Help You From Concept to Creation

Are you ready to invest in a home gym? We support our clients from the first chat through permit applications, design, finance, fitout, equipment installation and the final clean and polish. Your local Total Fitouts team will work closely with you to make the most of your budget and space. Click here to contact us today!