Humans of Total Fitouts – Brett Kelly

Meet our latest and greatest Adelaide shopfitter, Brett Kelly! On first impressions (and last) this fellow is a no-nonsense, heart-of-gold kind of guy. As a husband, and father to a beautiful six-year-old boy, Brett has decided now is the time to take on this new business endeavour, taking ahold the Managing Director position of Total Fitouts Adelaide Central. With good instincts and plenty of gumption paired with his very approachable nature, Brett really does have what it takes to build a winning business with Total Fitouts.

It was simply “time” for Brett when a Total Fitouts opportunity passed his way; looking for a business of the right fit, Brett was determined largely by the fact that he was more than ready to build something GREAT for himself and his family – something for the future.
When it comes to experience, Brett has it in spades, with 18 years in the building game Brett has moved around all the various grounds of building and knows his way around tricky logistics and any construction complications. Through spending a large part of his career in management, Brett has really learnt the art of people & project management, evolving into a man of great communication and customer service along the way – attributes he’s notably proud of, and attributes we’re certainly more than thrilled to see roll into the Total Fitouts team!
A man eager to enjoy the fruits of his labour, Brett is keen to get to the business of building, and equally, the business of living! Leisure time consists largely of family for Brett, and where possible, family time overseas! In both work and life, Brett is an obstacle man through and through, with a keen spirit for competitive obstacle racing! Between work, family and travel, Brett admits it’s endurance sports that really makes him tick, participating in what some would consider truly ‘gruelling’ events like Tough Mudder and True Grit.
Ready to get his new business rolling, Brett explains, “I look forward to the freedom of being able to do what I want when I want. I feel very excited to be part of the Total Fitout team. Everyone’s been so welcoming and helpful so far and I look forward to continuing this relationship for a long time.”
On a personal level, one would say that Brett is pretty true blue. With a strong essence of a ‘country’ about him, this Whitsundays born, Adelaide raised South Aussie also enjoys the finer things in life like a good Barrossa Valley wine and adventure travel; never a man to turn down a good ski trip! When considering ‘dream destinations’ Brett says, “Canada. Switzerland, anywhere I can go skiing more; I’m a very active person – I’ve skied NZ a couple of times, I’d love to go to Japan too for skiing… I’m actually travelling with my family to Thailand in 3 days time. Some rest and relaxation before the business all kicks off!”
Among his many other good qualities Brett takes an admirably caring approach to his clients and their projects. “I always try to give good customer service. I believe we’re actually in a very customer focused service industry. People talk about customer service in retail and such, but I believe what we do is very much customer service focused. They’re spending a lot of money and investing a lot of time into our skills and our knowledge and our reputation and it’s up to us to deliver a product that’s going to be a huge part of their life.” We think this is certainly a big part of what will make Brett’s business a huge success in South Australia.

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