Humans of Total Fitouts – Jeremy Dyer

Jeremy Dyer – Corporate – CEO
There is always a jumping off point into any new venture in life. The point where you stand right at the edge of your soon to be preceded comfort zone.
You cast a lingering stare down from the edge, into a depth of insecurities, what if’s and monetary liabilities.
You look behind you, and you see all of the experience that has got you to this point that you are no longer satisfied with.
And then you turn to face forwards once more, and take a glance up. You see a world of possibilities, currently just out of grasps, but they are not unobtainable by any stretch of the imagination.
This is the point to which every entrepreneur gets to in their journey.
No matter what type of business you have formed in your mind, no matter how many times you have run over the pros and cons in your head, and no matter how much external advice you have collated; you find yourself at the jumping off point.
This is the exact point that Total Fitouts Director and CEO Jeremy Dyer found himself at just over two years ago. Supporting him was the knowledge that he had already established a successful commercial fitout company, he had backing from a board that had established over 200 franchises across the globe (between G.J. Gardener Homes, Smith and Sons Renovations), a franchise system that he believed would succeed and a dream that he could create an international brand that would “change the game for fitouts”, by developing a global network of fitout experts all working in their local area to provide their customers with a new level of fitout standard.
With all of this behind him, in front of him was the unknown, to which Jeremy valiantly leaped into and the rest is history.
In Total Fitouts first two years of existence, Jeremy and his team have created a brand that has expanded to 13 franchises, across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.
Having recently sold the master franchisee Licenses to Western Australia and New Zealand, as well as a steady influx of franchise enquiries across all regions, the team is growing almost by the day.
His role as CEO of Total Fitouts requires Jeremy to be across all facets of the business. He oversees his own systems and marketing team, mentors and assists his master franchisees, is continually searching for new master franchisees in different regions across the globe, as well as excitingly developing relationships with Corporate brands across Australia and New Zealand, who are multi-locational and see partnering with a international network of project management, fitout design and construction experts as a great way to help their need to establish a one-stop-shop for fitout solutions for their brand.
Out of all that he has achieved in his short tenure with Total Fitouts, it is not his own personal success, nor his ability to take a leap off of the edge into the entrepreneurial unknown that he is most proud of; the thing that Jeremy is most proud of is being able to help guide and mentor franchisees across “each state, to offer a great service and grow their own businesses under one brand, and as one team”. He also adds “I have to admit it is pretty cool seeing cars drive around in each state that goes with the Total Fitouts brand. It gives me so much satisfaction that so many people believe in the brand that I started, enough that they not only invested in it, but live out the core values of the brand with a passion. I can’t thank my team enough!”
In a business structure like franchising, the role of CEO is to most adequately create a model that helps assist business owners drive their own success, through a uniformed brand. For Jeremy, he feels as though that is becoming true of Total Fitouts.
Looking back to the previously mentioned point in his life, where he stood at the edge and took his leap of faith, those possibilities just out of grasps have been clutched, and now it is onward to bigger and better things.
Jeremy you should be proud of your leap of faith.

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