Laid out: How The Layout of a Store Affects Sales

Does a Store’s Layout Affect Sales?

The makings of a successful store and its sales depends on countless factors. The quality of the products, location, staff, pricing, management, the right message spoken to the right audience, the store fitout, and the layout, just to mention a few. Out of the myriad of considerations to make, it can be easy to assume that the layout of a store falls low on the list. But the layout of a store is hugely important in guiding traffic flow, security considerations to prevent shoplifting, creating an inviting space, driving sales, as well as attracting the right customer. Simply put, a great layout makes what your store does seem effortless. We’ve spoken to Greg, Director at Total Fitouts Illawarra about how layout affects customer comfort and ultimately, sales. 

Make your target customer comfortable

Beyond simply attracting customers, it’s a known fact that the longer your customers spend in your store, the more likely they are to spend money. 

“If a customer isn’t comfortable inside a store, or if they can’t easily find what they’re looking for, chances are they’ll go somewhere else,” Greg says. 

Make them comfortable, and they will stay for longer; but comfort is not universal for all people. So when you’re designing your retail space to be comfortable, make sure you know exactly what kind of client you wish to attract and design accordingly. Create a space that draws them in and makes them want to spend time (and money) there. 

Luxury shoppers feel comfortable with plenty of space and good lighting, so don’t clutter the shelves with products and ensure excellent traffic flow throughout the shop. Consider accentuating lighting features such as downlights and using luxurious materials throughout. 

Budget friendly shoppers on the other hand want a good deal, so don’t be afraid to maximise the counter space. It gives customers the feeling that they are getting a good deal because there’s a lot of options for them to pick and choose from. 

Light layout 

Layout is more than where walls and shelves go. It’s also about how flow and attention is guided through a space, and Greg says lighting is your best friend. Lighting can guide shoppers’ attention to areas of particular importance, like sales racks, or the high-end products, which in turn can lead to an increase in sales. 

“Make sure your key components are well-lit to draw customers to it,” Greg suggests. 

How layout affects shoplifting

Shoplifting doesn’t affect sales much, but there’s no doubt that it affects the bottom line. So how can a great store layout prevent theft?

“Ensure a clear line of sight to all areas of the shop, or you risk missing shoplifters.” 

Make sure there are no hidden corners or obstructions to the eyesight from the registers or other areas where staff regularly, and install security cameras. If shoplifting is a recurring problem, also consider putting the counter at the front of the shop. 

Get in touch 

If there’s one thing Greg recommends, it’s to go into the layout design phase with an open mind. 

”Sometimes we end up doing things a bit different to the way that they first had in mind, and it works out better.” Don’t be too fixed on your initial plans, because sometimes the best solution is just around the corner. Ready to discuss your upcoming retail fitout? Reach out to the friendly, local experts from Total Fitouts today to get started!