Shoutout to Some of Our AMAZING + TRUSTED Suppliers!

Shoutout to Some Suppliers We Love! 

by Rebekah O’Callaghan, Interior Designer at Total Fitouts Adelaide Central

One of the greatest things about being a designer is having access to a large range of wholesale materials and unique pieces of furniture and decor! The benefit of working with a designer is that it gives you access to said products, making your space completely bespoke, setting you apart from everyone else! Check out some of our favourite suppliers below!

We love using Acoufelt in as many spaces as we can. Acoufelt manufacture noise absorbing carpets as well as floor and ceiling panels that can come in any colour or be printed with any image. Often with design it can be a compromise between designing for acoustics and designing for aesthetics, and by using Acoufelt we no longer need to make this trade-off.

Materialised are a family owned business that supply a seemingly endless range of fabrics at a reasonable price. They are best known for the fact that all their fabrics are pattern printed as needed, on any fabric within their range, meaning there is far less wastage, which is great for the environment. By using their program Weave Up, you can import, edit, search or create any pattern or image you can imagine and have it printed on a fabric of your choice, giving endless possibilities! Materialised are also a supplier of Hush acoustics, a fabric manufacturer who’s fabrics have superior noise absorbing qualities.

We do a lot of fit outs for cafe’s and restaurants and the service we have received through total commercial equipment is unsurpassed. They are a supplier of a large range of commercial equipment, particularly for kitchens and laundries, and their staff are knowledgeable and thorough when it comes to ensuring that the products are exactly right for each job.

When it comes to great furniture, Matt Blatt are our go-to guys! Specialising in quality replicas of high end furniture pieces, they’re great for beautiful statement pieces at a fraction of the price!

Remember Gavin and Warren from season ONE of ‘The Block’? Well they’ve taken their sharp eyes and passion for design and started their own company supplying high end wholesale art. They have a large collection of pieces, suitable for almost any application, all of which are stunning! They work exclusively with designers, architects, decorators and retail stores meaning their artwork is not freely viewable to the public, but the benefit of working with a fitout company is that we can give you access to their incredible collection!