The Essential Elements of an Attractive Display Suite, Showroom, and Display Home

First Impressions Count! How to Impress with your Display Suite

As consumers, we don’t just buy a product – we buy a story. What’s the story you’re selling? In this blog we speak to Tony, Director of Total Fitouts Newcastle about what makes a showroom, display suite, or display home a success. Whether you’re in the business of selling kitchens, bathrooms, cars, or entire homes, we think you might get some inspiration from this blog!

To make your showroom attractive, focus on quality

Whether it’s for a showroom or a display suite, when asked what draws people in and lands the sale, Tony doesn’t hesitate. “The quality of the presentation, the quality of the product you use, and the overall workmanship. It’s hands down the most important consideration.”

It likely doesn’t come as a surprise that quality should be a number one priority when designing, building, and decorating a showroom. After all, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression: quality can make it a great one the first time around.

So wherever a prospective customer’s eyes may gaze in your display suite or showroom, invest in quality cladding, lighting, flooring, wall panelling, technology, and craftsmanship.

The endurance of showrooms

In the age of internet buying, many physical stores are struggling to stay profitable. While today’s customers can source everything online, Tony says showrooms are still popular and lucrative retail spaces. This is because showrooms and display suites allow us to experience products in person, which can make all the difference.

What’s new, however, is that customers often come armed with knowledge and ideas about what they want before they arrive. They’re coming to you to see if they were right, so help them feel assured, or suggest a better solution.

Make your customers feel right at home

Whether you’re building a kitchen showroom or a display home, you really want to merge the best of commercial building practices with the best of retail design. Why? Because you want people to walk into your showroom and feel immediately at home, and in the mood for buying.

It costs more, but if you can afford the investment it can be wise to make your display kitchens functional. Our senses are a powerful thing, and feeling the coolness of a fridge, and the heat from an oven switching on, and the quiet hum of a quality fan can be the difference between closing the sale or not. Don’t leave it up to your customers to imagine what your appliances and solutions will be like in their home or business, show them!

Get creative and have fun when telling your story

As customers, we like to think that we’re good at seeing the potential in something. The truth is, we’re most often persuaded to purchase when someone else has gone to the effort of showing us how something will enrich our lives. That said, we also want to feel like we’re in the driver’s seat, so employ subtle and helpful ways to guide their decisions, don’t be heavy-handed.

So don’t just think of the quality of the build and the products you’re selling, get creative in telling your story! Perhaps that means filling your kitchen showroom with the smell of fresh-baked cookies (and then offering them one), or decorating with vases of vibrant flowers, or making the display home seem lived in – in the best way possible, of course.

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