The Importance of Touch: Why Display Suites Matter as Much as Ever

The Importance of Touch: Why Display Suites Matter as Much as Ever

If you’re working in property development, chances are you are passionate about homes and what they mean to people. Chances are you’ve stroked your hand contentedly across a smooth stone kitchen counter, or enjoyed the silent closing of an automatic drawer. Chances are you know a fair bit about what makes a house a home, and your Display Suite is your chance to showcase just that. We spoke with Rebekah, Interior Designer at Total Fitouts Adelaide about why display suites still matter, and why they should be designed and built with quality at the core, always. 

Display suites in Australia’s booming property market

The housing market in Australia is booming with no sign of slowing down. House prices have risen on average by 50% in Melbourne since 2012, and 70% in Sydney. With these numbers, it might seem like houses and apartments sell themselves. However, growing in tandem with property prices is the property development market, and the competition for the right buyers is as high as ever. Display suites is one of the key ways a developer can set themselves apart and convert inspections into sales.

Quality is key

Whether you’re building a temporary display suite or a permanent one, you want to be certain that it is built by professionals using quality materials. 

“Buying a house is not like picking up a $10 pair of jeans, ” Rebekah says. “Buyers are about to spend a considerable amount of money. Of course they want to see it, they want to feel it, they want to know that what they’re getting is quality.”

That means not skimping on anything when building your display suite – from the materials used, the interior decoration, the electronics, and lighting choices. 

“There’s something about good, warm lighting in particular that just makes a space look so much nicer,” Rebekah says. Don’t leave anything up to chance, show prospective buyers why this home should be their home.

Bring your display suite to prospective buyers

Developers are getting increasingly creative about how they can best showcase the lifestyle their builds can facilitate. Rather than waiting for prospective home buyers to make the choice to seek out one of their display suites, some developers find ways to bring the display suites to them. A clever example of this is building a temporary apartment display suite in a shopping centre, allowing anyone the chance to see for themselves what their life could look like if they took the leap and bought an apartment. 

Get Started On Your Display Suite Today

Simply put, display suites are here to stay, so get creative with how they affect your sales. Whether you’re planning to build a permanent or temporary display suite, make sure you work with a team as passionate about first impressions as you are. Because when it comes down to it, you only have one shot at a first impression. Do you have a project in the works? Reach out to the friendly experts at Total Fitouts to discuss your options today!