Unlocking the Future: Trends in Office Design

The way we work is evolving, and so are the spaces where we work. As remote work becomes more common and technology continues to advance, the traditional office is undergoing a transformation. Commercial office fit outs are revolutionising workspaces with innovative solutions such as pods, partition walls, soundproofing, acoustics, and flexible design, all aimed at enhancing productivity and collaboration. Leading this revolution in Australia is FDB Commercial, a specialist supplier and installer of commercial furniture.

FDB Commercial is at the forefront of these changes, drawing on extensive experience in furniture fit outs, commercial design, and construction projects. Ben Douglas, Head of Sales at FDB Commercial, shares insights into the company’s mission and the latest trends in office design. “At FDB Commercial, we are inspired by the ways stylish and functional spaces can support Australian businesses to do better,” says Ben. “Our mission is to be the supplier of choice for commercial furniture fitouts through a dedication to quality, service, and value.”

Kaizen Marketing Commercial Office Fitout done by Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast North shopfit experts

When it comes to commercial office fitout furniture, clients often seek functional and ergonomic pieces. FDB Commercial offers a range of popular products that meet these needs. According to Ben, some of the most sought-after items include:

The Cascade Mesh Chair: Known for its affordability and comfort, this chair comes with a 10-year warranty, making it a staple in many offices.

Boost+ Height Adjustable Workstation: This versatile workstation is AFRDI certified and provides smooth, quiet height adjustments. It’s available in various configurations, making it a favourite for both individual and collaborative workspaces.

D-End Meeting Tables: These tables are designed for small meeting rooms and are attached to a wall, facilitating collaboration while maximising seating space.

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Innovative Office Furniture Commercial Designs

FDB Commercial is excited about several new trends and innovations in office furniture design. Custom printed acoustics, for instance, have gained popularity. “The quality available now for printed acoustics has allowed for a lot of creativity,” Ben notes. One notable collection is the Willie Weston collection by Autex, which features art from Indigenous artists across Australia.

Another growing trend is office pods, which provide quiet rooms and additional meeting spaces without the need for costly permanent construction. One of the standout innovations in contemporary office design is the advent of Bureau Booths. These enclosed, self-contained workspaces are revolutionising the way we approach productivity and privacy in the office. Tyson Gundersen, management at Bureau Booths says, “Booths offer a quiet retreat from the bustling open-plan office environment, allowing employees to focus without distractions. They are equipped with soundproofing and ergonomic furniture, creating an ideal setting for deep work or confidential meetings.”

Bureau Booths versatile commercial office sound proof booths.

“By integrating advanced acoustics and customisable designs, these booths support a flexible and dynamic workplace, fostering both individual concentration and collaborative efforts. As companies seek to enhance productivity and employee well-being, Bureau Booths stand out as a versatile and essential addition to the contemporary office landscape.”

Hot desking access technology is also making waves, allowing for better management of power consumption and service access in shared workspaces. As commercial shopfit experts, Total Fitouts’ understand the significance of creating workspaces that are not only visually appealing but also conducive to employee well-being and performance. Read more the various ways in which commercial office fit outs can contribute to a healthier and more productive workplace, utilising equipment such as FBD Commercial office furniture and Bureau Booths in your commercial office fitout.

Kaizen Marketing Commercial Office Fitout done by Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast North shopfit experts

Integrating Technology into Office Furniture

Technology integration is a crucial aspect of modern office furniture. “Workstations are often a big focus in our projects, and so part of our role is ensuring that staff needs around technology are catered to,” explains Ben. FDB Commercial ensures that workstations offer sufficient power and data access, and they often fit soft wiring to custom meeting tables to support interactive panels and other technologies.

Customisable and Modular Solutions

Clients can customise their commercial office fit out furniture extensively to meet specific needs and preferences. FDB Commercial offers bespoke solutions, from custom joinery services for cupboards, lockers, and tables to a wide range of frame and desktop options for tables and workstations. Their soft seating range can be upholstered in almost any fabric, and their acoustic products are highly flexible in terms of size, shape, colour, and print.

Modular furniture solutions are another area where FDB Commercial excels. “Workstations are typically able to be reconfigured with minimal changes or additions if clients would like to rearrange their workspaces,” says Ben. This flexibility allows businesses to adapt their office layouts as needs change, promoting efficiency and collaboration.

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Open-plan commercial office design has been a popular choice for modern workplaces for several years. It promises collaboration, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. As commercial shopfit experts, Total Fitouts’ had the opportunity to witness both the successes and challenges of open plan office design. Read more to explore the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision for your workspace.

Importance of Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic furniture is essential for employee health and well-being. FDB Commercial ensures that all their products meet ergonomic standards, as Ben emphasises: “Ergonomic furniture is key to ensuring staff are content and focused for each day’s work.” The right office furniture in a commercial fit out can prevent discomfort and health issues, thereby enhancing productivity.

FDB Commercial’s Unique Offerings

What sets FDB Commercial apart is their end-to-end service and local expertise in the SEQ region, including local installation teams and a manufacturing facility. This allows them to offer competitive rates on customised joinery and furniture, as well as a broad range of services. “We offer an incredibly broad range of products from local and international manufacturers, as well as product customisation services,” says Ben.

Commercial office fitouts incorporating pods, partition walls, soundproofing, advanced acoustics, and flexible design are transforming their modern workspaces with the help of shopfit experts, Total Fitouts, and commercial office furniture experts, FDB Commercial. These innovative elements not only enhance productivity by providing employees with the environments they need to focus and collaborate effectively but also contribute to overall workplace satisfaction and well-being. By embracing these trends, businesses can create dynamic and adaptable workspaces that cater to diverse work styles and evolving needs. FDB Commercial stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering expert solutions that marry functionality with style, ensuring that every commercial office fit out meets the highest standards of quality and innovation.

As the future of work continues to evolve, such thoughtful and versatile office designs will be essential in supporting the success and growth of businesses worldwide.

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