Ways Modern Gyms and Fitness Centres Stand Apart

Innovative Gym Spaces: How Your Gym Can Stand Out

Gyms and fitness centres have come a long way since the early days of dumbbells, medicine balls, and bodybuilders. While many basic gyms do well, one of the fastest growing segments is niche, new-age fitness centres that cater to specific needs. These gyms sell a story and a lifestyle as much as they offer up a space for physical exercise, and their growing popularity shows it’s working. But how can you stand out to the right customers? We spoke to Al, the Director of Total Fitouts Sutherland Shire about how new age gyms can attract the right crowd. 

Examples of niche gyms and fitness centres

Modern gyms don’t want to be everyone’s cup of tea; instead they aim to meet the unique demands of niche customer groups.

“It’s hard to put gyms into one category these days,” Al says. “There’s just so much variety.”  

Examples of new age gyms can be crossfit gyms, bouldering halls, pregnancy gyms, boxing studios, bodybuilder gyms, geriatric fitness centres, yoga studios, pilates studios, cycle studios, and the list goes on. These niche, modern gyms are often more pricey than generic gyms, but customers prove themselves willing to pay for it when their needs are better met. 

What all great gyms have in common

While gyms are increasingly diverse, there are many aspects that remain the same. Great layout for smooth traffic flow, comfortable change rooms, great water pressure, and quality equipment never goes out of style. 

What’s more, gyms are heavy-use spaces that will wear and tear quickly if they’re not built to last. Opting for cheaper materials can seem like the best choice when you’re faced with the initial cost, but going for the best materials and expert craftsmanship from the getgo can save you money and time from being shut down for future repairs and renovations down the line. 

Lean into cutting edge gym technology, equipment, and classes

Consider what technology and new offerings would draw your target customer in. Perhaps that’s infrared saunas, cutting edge equipment, floatation tanks, new classes, an active online hub, or simply great TVs with ample channels to choose from. As a new age gym, your customers come to you to be enriched and grow as they get fitter. 

Think of the little things to make your gym stand out

Once you’ve designed and built a gym that speaks to your niche audience, it’s time to add the little touches that makes them feel seen and catered to. Perhaps that means complimentary sanitary items, soap, deodorant, or towels in the change rooms, a bowl of fresh fruit at the counter, or even a social night to let people get to know their fellow members. 

“Many fitness centres have cafes now too, and even clothing stores,” Al says. Whatever you can fit into your pricing model that makes your customers feel valued will likely make them stay with you rather than shop around. 

Stay current, and stay passionate

The most successful new age gyms and fitness centres are those built and managed by people passionate about the niche audience they service. So have fun, stay passionate, keep on top of industry innovations, and ask your members what they’d like more of. But as you plan a build, make sure you give your gym the best start for longevity and quality by choosing professional builders, state-of-the-art materials, and a killer design. 

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