What to Remember when Renovating a Hospital Space

Four Things to Consider When Planning a Hospital Space Renovation

Hospital spaces are ultra-specialised environments designed to help healthcare professionals conduct their work as smoothly as possible. Because of the rapidly developing nature of healthcare, these spaces can be rendered outdated and needing upgrades quicker than many other commercial spaces.

Whether you’re establishing a brand new medical practice, or you’re looking to defit, expand, or renovate your existing hospital space while it continues to operate, there are many considerations to make before starting in order to get the best outcome. We chatted to Tony Gavan, Director of Total Fitouts Sydney Inner North, an Aussie construction industry titan, about his take on renovating hospital spaces in 2021, and some key considerations to make.

Future-proofing your healthcare practice

If you are reading this, chances are you are considering renovating a hospital space; perhaps you are already well into the process! Maybe you’re fitting out a non-healthcare space into a patient care space, renovating an existing hospital space, or you’re planning to defit a healthcare space.

There’s no denying that hospital renovations can be expensive, which is why renovation plans need to account for emerging therapies, new regulations, and use only cutting-edge materials to make the final result lasting. This could mean using only the best technology and materials such as top of the line air conditioning systems that do not recycle air and noise-reducing acoustic paneling.

The importance of an inviting space

Does your space send the right message? With over 20 years experience renovating hospitals, Tony has firsthand witnessed the changes to hospital interiors. “The hospitals are looking a lot more hip these days. They look more like a hotel room now, instead of a hospital.

It’s become a key concern to create a warmer, more inviting look across the healthcare sector. “It’s what patients have come to expect,” Tony says. Does your healthcare space make visitors feel at ease?

Are you planning to renovate while operating?

This is a key concern when planning for a defit or a full renovation. A pause in patient care ensures a quicker renovation process, but for many healthcare facilities – be they a hospital, vet, or dentist practice – this is simply not possible. Instead, many healthcare facilities undergo additions and renovations while remaining operational. This process requires special considerations to make sure the day-to-day practice experiences minimal disruption.

Considerations we make with clients renovating a functioning hospital space include:

● Shortened time frames for minimal disruption

● Nighttime work

● Noise reduction

● Thorough cleaning throughout the build

● Working only with experienced professionals who understand the importance of minimum disruption

● Dust minimisation

● Health and safety

● Partitioning off the renovation work

Consider the budget

When asked what clients often fail to properly account for as they plan for their project, Tony smiles and says, “the budget.”

Have you set aside the right sum for the result you want? Cutting corners today can cost more tomorrow: a job done properly by seasoned experts often costs less down the line, as the work is guided by the most current regulations, and the materials used are state-of-the-art.

Discuss your upcoming renovation with us!

No matter the project at hand, working with a team of passionate professionals throughout the process is key. At Total Fitouts we continuously consult with top medical professionals and hospital staff around Australia to stay up-to-date, and have helped defit and renovate specialised hospital spaces countrywide. Whether you’ve got questions about your upcoming renovation or you’d like to hear our thoughts on your plans, don’t hesitate to get in touch.