Considerations Before Choosing a Commercial Business Space

By Warren Thorpe Total Fitouts Wide Bay


When considering your soon-to-be commercial space, you want to think about how customers are going to interact with your business – do you want people walking in off the street or by appointment only? Is window space important for visuals, and does the space you’ve selected have ample room for displays? Maybe you need a space close to businesses that your company plans on collaborating with or you need a space on the second floor.

Your choice of location will affect everything from foot traffic to council approvals and how people will see your brand overall. So consider carefully the things your business needs; the type of space it will require to operate at high capacity, to be seen and your service understood.


When it comes to size, don’t underestimate how much you need! Think about how many employees will share the space and how the layout might look.

Remember it will be a lot more crammed once furniture is in, so be sure to measure out (or estimate) the size of your furniture and equipment before you get started on the workspace fitout. More to this point, you may also want to consider how rapidly your business might expand, and do you have a little extra space to allow for growth?


When researching potential commercial business spaces, it’s important to think about exactly how it’s going to be used as well as how much power (and outlets) you might require – is this space perfectly suited to you? And if not, is it easy enough for you to achieve the space practical for your business needs or will you need to call in a shop fitter or contractor to get the place up to scratch? If you’re using this space to build things in, be sure to consider ventilation, water sources, and the materials of the building itself; it may be a fire risk to use the space for construction purposes. Obviously for some places, it’s well worth doing the work, as it can be hard to find the perfect space IN the perfect location. If you’re unsure of whether a space is ideal for your business, you can always call on professionals like Total Fitouts to help guide your decision with their expert knowledge and a well-rounded understanding of costs involved to get you the perfect business space!

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