Humans of Total Fitouts – Warren Thorpe

Warren Thorpe – Total Fitouts Wide Bay – Managing Director
It is an exciting thing in the building game to meet people who after years in the industry, still love what they do just as much as they did back when they were learning their art as apprentices.
Warren Thorpe, the new Managing Director of Total Fitouts latest franchise in Queensland, Wide Bay, is one of these people. It is his excitement for the industry and the ability on him to deliver on a project that he believes in, is what gives everyone at Total Fitouts every confidence in his franchises future success.
After doing his apprenticeship in England, Warren built his first house for himself, from start to finish at age 21.
The confidence and self belief that it takes in your craft, to only a few years out of high-school, construct your own house is immense. But when you meet Warren, you can understand that his self confidence was not in vein.
There are guys that seem intimidated by the possibilities of things not quite working out to plan, and there are people that are motivated by the opportunity to see past the risks, and towards a fruitful result. Warren is one of the later.
Since constructing his own house in England, Warren saw the light, and moved over to this side of the planet with his partner Hayley, where after years moving around the east coast they have eventually settled in the Fraser Coast region. It is there that they are raising their two children Alex and Chloe.
After working on the residential side of building for 10 years, Warren moved to the commercial industry and has been working for fitout companies since. After developing a wealth of experiences, he decided it was time to go out on his own, and develop his own fitout company in the Wide Bay area. That is where Total Fitouts came in.
His now business partner, Michael Gempton had been delivering the joinery for Total Fitouts around South East Queensland for a few years and had been approached to join the fitout brand. After speaking to both Warren and his project manager colleague Chris Merrison about the opportunity to collaborate together with the brand to form their own fitout solutions for the region, they decided that their previous experiences in sales, estimating and job delivery, were all complimentary to each other and could work thrivingly as a partnership. So after meeting a few times with Queensland Director Chris Nield, this became a reality.
Total Fitouts Wide Bay, is the latest franchise for the brand in Queensland, and with Warren, Chris and Michael on board we couldn’t be more excited about the experience they bring to the table. So look closely at this space moving forward because we can’t wait to profile a lot of Total Fitouts Wide Bay’s fitouts in the near future.

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