Team Total Hit the Track!

This week our Total Fitouts NSW and SA teams all gathered in Sydney to put the pedal to the metal and smash it out on the Luddenham Raceway pro circuit! The competition was fierce and pretty much all the guys were fairly convinced they were going to take the GOLD. There were high hopes for Adelaide’s Brett Kelly our True Grit champ and money on the notorious rev-head Anthony Saab from Parramatta!

The fellas battled it out over 14 laps – Brett Kelly and his cart took a brutal smashing resulting in a broken whip and, broken dreams. Joel Busstra was in it to win it until he was savagely pushed THROUGH the barricade and landed himself out of the race! It was dog eat dog out there and the final lap saw only a few survivors in the running for champion! In the end Total Fitouts Sutherland Shire came out victorious with an underdog win by Sutherland Shire’s young gun, Mark Hayden, while Sutherland Shire Managing Director, Dave Dowsett proudly took out bronze!¬†Anthony Saab came a close second after Mark and was immediately ready for a re-match to claim his true title – next time, mate!

Well done to all – it was an epic day of thrills and SPILLS!