Finalists of the Fitout Awards 2023

Get ready for the ultimate commercial fitout industry showdown aka the highly anticipated Total Fitouts Commercial Design & Fitout Awards 2023! As the curtains rise on this prestigious event, Directors from far and wide will converge to connect, glean invaluable insights, and toast to the achievements of 2023! With the spotlight set on exceptional commercial fitout projects delivered by our esteemed Franchise Partners across Australia and New Zealand, the scene is prepared for a remarkable celebration of excellence in commercial design, fit-out mastery, and industry innovation.

The finalists were selected in-house by Total Fitouts Managing Director Jeremy Dyer and the Marketing Team. The criteria for selection considered the overall impression and wow factor of the commercial fit out, plus the project had to be completed in 2023. There were 6 ‘Best Fitout Of 2023′ categories covering each fit out industry (Retail FitoutsMedical FitoutsFitness FitoutsWellness & Beauty FitoutsOffice Fitouts, Hospitality Fitouts) and 2 coveted Design Awards “Best Commercial Design Under 200m2” and “Best Commercial Design Over 200m2”, finalists to be announced later, watch this space.

Come with us and explore Total Fitouts finalists for the ‘Best Of 2023’ fit out awards.


Just Poppin’ Harrisdale finalist – Best Commercial Retail Fitout.

Completed by Stuart Organ Total Fitouts Perth South.

Total Fitouts Perth South successfully executed the Just Poppin’ a modern commercial retail fit out project, which consisted of a full internal transformation within a complex of separate buildings within The Village, Harrisdale Perth WA. The project scope involved converting an empty tenancy in a new building into a vibrant and functional retail space for Just Poppin’ eye-popping popcorn brand.

Client, Joseph Majrouh, took charge of the commercial interior design process, infusing their brand vision into the project. Up and coming franchise company, Just Poppin’ envisioned strong branding across the 100m2 space, with the commercial retail fitout, spanning across six weeks. This resulted in the creation of a dynamic space within a new shopping village. View fitout project here.


Molly and Bear Westfield Mt Gravatt finalist – Best Retail Fitout.

Completed by Steve and Ross Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North.

Molly & Bear  fit out project was delivered in Westfield Mt Gravatt, Brisbane, by our veteran shopfitting team Ross and Steve aka Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North. The talented fit out duo were tasked with creating a child-friendly and whimsical retail space that would showcase the store’s candy coloured brand, their range of young children’s clothing, books, toys, and accessories in a stylish and organised manner.

To achieve the desired aesthetic, the local shop fitting team focused on creating a calming yet playful atmosphere, with a colour palette of sage and pink that captures the essence of childhood within the retail fitout. View fitout project here.


Perfect Potion Indooroopilly finalist – Best Retail Fitout. Completed by Steve and Ross Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North.

Ross, Steve and Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North appear once more as finalists in the Retail Fitout category with their beautiful, classic commercial fitout of Perfect Potions Indooroopilly, Brisbane. The commercial retail fitout project perfectly resonates with the calm and aesthetically pleasing Perfect Potion brand. The unwavering dedication to uniqueness, with every element reflecting custom joinery and an unwavering focus on detail, resulted in an atmosphere that exudes exclusivity.

Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North brought a wealth of unique and striking features to the Perfect Potions retail fitout, showcasing their commitment to bespoke commercial interior design. Every aspect of the shop fit out featured custom joinery, adding a sense of exclusivity and attention to detail throughout the space. View fitout project here.


Church Mouse Cheese Southbank finalist – Best Retail Fitout.

Completed by Matt Banks Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner South.

Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North has expertly crafted Church Mouse Cheese Southbank commercial retail space, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics. The compact, minikin, commercial design maximises every cm of space. The layout allows customer flow through a sensory journey of cheese discovery.

Nestled in Southbank South Brisbane, Church Mouse Cheese beckons passersby with its quaint exterior, adorned with blue wooden accents and wainscoting panelling. As you approach the shopfit retail fitout, you’re enveloped in an atmosphere that transports you to a European marketplace, shown through the antique window lead pattern and the display of the merchandise.


Shingleback Winery McLaren Vale finalist – Best Hospitality Fitout.

Completed by Brett Kelly Total Fitouts Adelaide Central.

Total Fitouts Adelaide Central transformed a pre-existing old heritage building and commercial winery space into a cosy, rustic and inviting haven for Shingleback Winery. Shingleback Winery is renowned for its unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional wines that truly reflect the character of their land.

The comprehensive scope of this commercial hospitality fitout encompasses various key areas, each designed to contribute to a warm and inviting ambience such as the entrance and main dining area, service area and outdoor deck area. The commercial design for the winery fitout was completed by Total Fitouts Adelaide Central in house design team. View fitout project here.


Senn Noods Lonsdale Canberra. Finalist – Best Hospitality Fitout.

Completed by Marko and Nathan Total Fitouts Canberra North.

Senn Noods, fitout by the Total Fitouts Canberra North team, stands as a testament to innovative commercial fitout solutions. The transformative commercial hospitality fit out began with a small, dilapidated cafe burdened by limited seating—an old run down space.

The defining allure of the restaurant hospitality fit out lies in its captivating features, each carefully curated to breathe life into the once-neglected space. Hand-painted graffiti art graces the walls, infusing an urban and edgy character. This bold choice not only revitalises the aesthetic but also encapsulates the spirit of creativity that defines Braddon’s approach. View fitout project here.


Thai Room Victoria Square, Adelaide. Finalist – Best Hospitality Fit Out.

Completed by Brett Kelly Total Fitouts Adelaide Central.

Total Fitouts Adelaide Central recently completed a commercial hospitality fitout for Thai Room, a Thai cuisine restaurant located in the Adelaide CBD, Victoria Square. Led by Brett Kelly and his team, the project aimed to transform an empty commercial tenancy into a luxurious, romantic, moody space with a dark green and burgundy colour palette. This fit out project features on page 56 in this month’s edition of the Interior Fitout Association magazine, click here to view!

The scope of work for the hospitality fitout included creating an enticing entry space, an inviting outdoor seating area, a spacious dining area, a functional kitchen, and amenities. The commercial interior design of Thai Room was carefully curated by the in-house designers at Total Fitouts Adelaide Central. The concept draws inspiration from the use of dark green and burgundy red, symbolising a rich and warm garden, while exuding elegance and a touch of mystery. View fitout project here!


Raubex Canning Vale, Perth. Finalist – Best Office Fitout.

Completed by Stuart Organ Total Fitouts Perth South.

Total Fitouts Perth South’s renovation of commercial office fit out Raubex & warehouse stands as a testament to their expertise in transforming a lackluster space into a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment. The project scope encompassed a comprehensive internal overhaul, including demolition works, structural steel works, and a complete office fitout to a grand 3,000m2 building, lasting a total of 12 weeks. Internally, Raubex operates with approximately 40 staff members within their office, yet externally, they present as a substantial civil commercial company.

Perth’s Canning Vale office fitout space suffered from a generic office design, poor layout, and overall low-quality finishes. Stuart and the skilled shopfitting professionals at Total Fitouts Perth South executed an extensive demolition and commencing a complete reconstruction. Grotto Design Studio, led by Perth-based commercial interior designer and architect Craig Nener, was enlisted to breathe new life into the Raubex office. View project here!


A&G Realty Maryborough Queensland. Finalist – Best Office Fitout.

Completed by Warren Thorpe Total Fitouts Wide Bay.

When A&G Realty Maryborough approached Total Fitouts Wide Bay, they were looking to transform their outdated and cramped reception area into a modern and inviting space that would make a great first impression on their real estate clients. With the help of the commercial in-house design and shop fitting team, the antiquated office fitout space was transformed into a modern, fresh, and appealing workspace. The project was conceptually designed and managed by Warren Thorpe and the Wide Bay team from start to finish, the concept to completion commercial fit out experts.

The scope of the office fitout project included remodelling the reception area and updating the back of house staff facilities. The office defit and transformation was epic. The result, a transformation from an outdated, old-school space into an appealing, modern, and stylish workspace, where customers and staff feel comfortable and welcome. View fit out project here!


Sycamore Health Sippy Downs Sunshine Coast. Finalist – Best Medical Fitout.

Completed by Heath Nicholson Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast South.

Sycamore Health’s transformative commercial medical fitout, expertly executed by Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast South, marked a significant milestone in the creation of sophisticated and functional healthcare spaces. Client James Sikkema had approached shopfit experts Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast South to establish a second location in Sippy Downs, branching out from the original business in Brisbane. The objective was to completely rebrand the area into a health hub, with a specific focus on attracting specialists.

This high-end build, sprawling across 293 square meters in the affluent Sippy Downs on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast area, showcased both clinic and gym spaces. Notable features of the medical fitout included a specialised gym area and two treatment rooms earmarked for future day surgeries, aligning with the client’s strategic expansion plans. Additionally, Sycamore Health housed two rooms dedicated to mental health, wellness, and rehabilitation, bringing the total number of rooms to seven. View fitout project here!


Aesthetique Unley, Adelaide. Finalist – Best Medical Fitout.

Completed by Brett Kelly Total Fitouts Adelaide Central.

The Total Fitouts Adelaide Central shopfit team expertly transformed an empty commercial space into a contemporary and calming haven for Aesthetique Clinic in Unley, situated in the bustling CBD of Adelaide.

The scope of work for the aesthetic clinic medical fitout included a main reception area, multiple treatment rooms and amenities. Aesthetique Clinic’s interior design uses a range of neutral tones including light timbers and beiges, complimented with brass accents. The design for the commercial wellness & beauty fitout was done by the Total Fitouts Adelaide Central in-house design team. View medical fitout project here!


Square Massage and Acupuncture Noosa Sunshine Coast Finalist – Best Medical Fitout.

Completed by Heath Nicholson Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast South.

Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast South shopfit experts successfully transformed an empty commercial space into a modern and soothing wellness and beauty centre for Square Massage & Acupuncture Noosa on Queensalnd’s Sunshine Coast. This project was undertaken with the goal of creating an environment that fosters relaxation, holistic well-being, and exceptional customer care. View full medical fit out project here!

The project scope of works for the wellness and beauty fitout included the shopfit included the comprehensive redesign and fitout of the commercial space, comprising a main reception area, multiple treatment rooms, foot massage space and essential amenities. The interior design concept for Square Massage in Noosa revolves around aligning the aesthetic to the client’s original clinic that was previously designed and built by commercial fitout experts Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast South.


Face Up Beauty Remuera Auckland New Zealand. Finalist – Best Wellness & Beauty Fitout.

Completed by Luther Crowther, Total Fitouts Auckland Central.

Bespoke curved wall features, sheer curtains and neutral colour palette with green and pink pops for this wellness & beauty fit out for Face Up, Total Fitouts Auckland Central
Bespoke curved wall features, sheer curtains and neutral colour palette with green and pink pops for this wellness & beauty fit out for Face Up, Total Fitouts Auckland Central

Face Up was launched in an empty 38m2 space, in the vibrant Remuera district of Auckland, New Zealand. The objective of the commercial wellness and beauty fitout, executed by Luther and the Total Fitouts Auckland Central team, was to create a rejuvenating space for Face Up, who offer special facials and facial sculpting massages. The project, spearheaded by Robert Newman and his wife Olga, aimed to transform the neglected space into a welcoming haven for clients seeking a youthful and relaxing experience, just in time for the holiday season.

The entire project spanned three months, with a focus on meticulous design and attention to detail. The initial challenge of the vacant tenancy, coupled with the intricacies of designing within a small space, demanded careful planning and execution. The original commercial interior design, crafted by Ritual Interiors, set the foundation for the project’s aesthetic. The emphasis on a holistic design approach for the wellness and beauty fitout space encompassed a reception area, toilet, two treatment rooms, and a staff area. View full wellness fit out project here!


Skin and Body Club Currimundi, Sunshine Coast – Finalist Best Wellness & Beauty Fitout.

Completed by Heath Nicholson, Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast South.

Skin and Body Club’s commercial wellness & beauty fitout, skilfully orchestrated by Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast South, marked a transformative shift in the establishment’s aesthetics and services. Client Josie Paton, seeking a rebrand of the existing space, envisioned a departure from the existing bakery space and movement towards a more inclusive environment. The new commercial design transitioned away from the previous pinks and whites to a refreshing palette of greens and timbers, catering to a diverse clientele, including a substantial male demographic.

The Sunshine Coast based commercial wellness & beauty fitout was strategically driven by the desire to expand the existing chemist in the area, resulting in a 90-square-meter space. Josie seamlessly incorporated key elements for Skin and Body Club from her previous location, including the reception area, custom booth seating, built-in shelving, Otsiminyagi rendering (rockcote) from Arlo Stone & Finishes, custom wall niche shelving, travertine tiling for the reception desk from National Tiles, and vinyl tile flooring. View full commercial design and fit out project here!


Vita Nuova Gerringong NSW – Finalist – Best Wellness & Beauty Fitout.

Completed by Greg Doherty Total Fitouts Illawarra.

Total Fitouts Illawarra, led by Greg Doherty, recently completed a commercial wellness & beauty fitout for Vita Nuova in Gerringong, Illawarra region of NSW. The commercial shop fitout aimed to transform an empty commercial space into a high-end, luxurious environment that aligned with Vita Nuova’s vision of promoting well-being, beauty, and holistic health. The award-winning commercial design features a warm and inviting atmosphere with a natural light beige colour palette, subtle pops of colour, and elements that embrace the coastal location. The scope of work included a reception area, waiting area, massage rooms, a waxing room, a waiting room, and a kitchenette, all designed to create a soothing and relaxing environment for clients.

The commercial fitout design was created by the Total Fitouts Surry Hills & Parramatta team, with implementation and fitout executed by Greg and the Total Fitouts Illawarra shopfit team. The collaboration between teams ensured a cohesive and high-end luxury wellness and beauty fitout that aligns with Vita Nuova’s vision. Vita Nuova took out the best small design 2022 category at the 2023 Total Fitouts Conference on the Gold Coast. View full wellness fit out project here!


Powerhouse Gym Stafford, Brisbane. Finalist – Best Fitness Fitout.

Completed by Steve and Ross Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North.

Shopfit experts Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North completed this commercial fitness fitout project for Powerhouse Gym in Stafford, Brisbane. The shopfitting project showcased their expertise in creating dynamic and functional spaces for fitness enthusiasts. The project was a testament to Total Fitouts’ commitment to delivering high-quality design and construction services tailored to their client’s needs.

The shopfit experts transformed the fitness fitout space into a state-of-the-art fitness facility. The intentional commercial design created a space to inspire and motivate members to achieve their fitness goals. Steve, Ross and the Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North utilised a combination of modern design elements and innovative solutions to maximise the functionality and aesthetic appeal of Powerhouse Gym Stafford, seen with LED signage and high-end fitness equipment.


Love Athletica Norwood, Adelaide. Finalist – Best Fitness Fitout.

Completed by Brett Kelly Total Fitouts Adelaide Central.

Total Fitouts Adelaide Central undertook a transformative project, bringing to life the Love Athletica Norwood fitness studio fitout with their signature expertise and creativity. The collaboration between Total Fitouts shopfit experts and Love Athletica resulted in a space that seamlessly blends functionality, style, and innovation to create a truly inspiring environment for fitness enthusiasts in Norwood.

From the moment you step into the studio, you’re enveloped in an atmosphere of energy and motivation. Total Fitouts Adelaide Central meticulously fit out the fitness fitout space to reflect Love Athletica’s ethos of passion, dedication, and community.


Strong Pilates St Leonards, Sydney. Finalist – best Commercial Fitness Fit Out.

Completed by Peter Zafis, Total Fitouts Surry Hills & Parramatta.

Shopfit experts Total Fitouts Surry Hills and Parramatta brought life into the Strong Pilates studio in Sydney’s St Leonards area, showcasing their expertise in crafting functional and visually stunning fitness fitout spaces. This collaboration resulted in a dynamic and inspiring environment tailored to the needs of Strong Pilates’ clients.

Upon entering the studio, clients are greeted by a sleek and inviting reception area designed to set the tone for their workout experience. Peter and the Total Fitouts Surry Hills and Parramatta fitout experts meticulously curated the commercial interior design to reflect Strong Pilates’ brand identity, incorporating modern aesthetics and branding elements throughout the fitness fitout in St Leonards.

Who will emerge victorious?

Anticipation is building for the upcoming Awards Party on March 15, when we will find out the results for each industry fit out award of 2023. Recent prestigious recognition for commercial interior design, fitout and construction was recognised with the Interior Fitout Association awards. Read more on the submissions here.

There was also recognition for the 2022 Industry Award winners, which took place at the International Conference Gold Coast 2023, which shone a spotlight on some of the high-quality design and fitout projects delivered by the Total Fitouts partners across Australia and New Zealand.  Read more on the winners for last year here.

Watch this space as the winners will be announced at the Awards Party taking place on March 15th!