Does Keeping Your Fitout Budget a Secret Really Get You the Best Price? 

Does keeping your fitout budget a secret really get you the best price? 

When it comes to budget for your fitout, it’s easy to think that keeping your cards close to your chest is going to get you the best price possible. But when it comes to working with professional shopfitters like Total Fitouts, things work a little differently! 

We find that honesty is always the best policy, and as such, we know that with the right information we can get you the best value for money. If our shopfitting experts can get a good sense of what you’re willing to spend on your fitout, they are then able to source the most appropriate materials and understand what the most efficient methods will be to suit your fitout and your budget, while still offering you great value. 

Because we promise to deliver your fitout on time and on budget, we make sure that our costing is on point and consider all the variables so there is no getting stuck with unforeseen costs. Our shopfitters are here to better serve you and create security for you throughout the entire fitout process. 

So when should you talk about budget with your Total Fitouts shopfitter? 

If you’re talking to a Total Fitouts expert, we’d suggest being upfront from the beginning! This is the time to let us know what your absolute limits are so that our fitout team can have a framework to go from. Before we can get to suggesting materials, fixtures and fittings and giving you a fair price or budget adjustments, our fitout experts need to be very clear on what your desired budget and goals are. Whether you’re fitting out a retail business, a hospitality space, a medical practice or an office, our shopfitters are extremely well-versed in all fitout aspects across the industries, so this is a great opportunity for you to pick their brains about what works best in which types of spaces, and the best styles/ design options for your type of business!

If you need a quote from one of our local shopfitters,  don’t hesitate get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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